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Church Insurance

from Englade Boudreaux Waguespack Insurance

Protecting your church is a very important and trusted responsibility. That is true for you and that is true for the professionals at Englade Boudreaux Waguespack Insurance. From the church property exposures of your building, steeple and contents to the liability exposure with so many members and guests coming to your facility each week, you know that your church is not immune from the threats of nature, theft or to every day accidents.

At Englade Boudreaux Waguespack Insurance, we work with Insurance Companies specializing in churches. These companies understand the risks of small, mid-size and larger churches. Whether you are building a church or caring for one of the community landmarks, you will want to know that your church is protected.

Churches also commonly host special programs and activities. Rather than closing your doors to these types of exposures, let us help you maintain your heart for ministry while protecting your church, its staff and members.

Call us today to work with the professionals at Englade Boudreaux Waguespack Insurance to protect your church!

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