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Inland Marine Insurance

from Englade Boudreaux Waguespack Insurance

Allow the Englade Boudreaux Waguespack consultants to help you protect you with Inland Marine Insurance.

Inland marine insurance provides protection for goods in transit over land. A lot can happen when items and goods are in transit. Imagine an entire truckload of products destroyed by fire due to an accident. Could you replace the cost of your goods? Don’t take the risk; instead protect your good with the proper coverage. This is Inland Marine Insurance.

I know the name can confuse you but “Inland Marine” Insurance can address coverages for many exposures. Coverage options can include:

  • Computer Equipment
  • Billable Accounts
  • Transported property and buildings under construction
  • Construction projects
  • Precious artifacts, fine art, etc
  • Data, both online and offline
  • Jewelry
  • Motor truck cargo
  • Medical Equipment
  • Valuable papers
  • Warehouse legal
  • And much more!

Speak to one of our experienced agents to better understand Inland Marine Insurance. He or she will be able to explain the policy coverage to you and help you determine how it fits your needs.

Beware: Inland Marine Insurance is different from Cargo Insurance. To learn more about their differences, contact our professionals at Englade Boudreaux Waguespack Insurance or fill out a free quote form online and we will contact you!

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